History and Vision

Having broad experience in both education and enterprise we established Inergy Systems Ltd as a UK based international supplier in 2007.   Products we initially supplied included solar PV systems with strong commercial links and support from Sharp Electronics as one of their partner distributors.  We began to supply a broader range of technologies, responding to market demand in the UK and Europe as our company grew.

Having been invited to build a vocational school in Butale, Uganda, this was successfully completed and opened in 2007.   Inergy Systems emerged at the same time and now continues to grow as an international supplier through the Inergy Trading Alliance (ITA).  The vision of the ITA continues to spread through the African nations we supply.

Observations whilst in Africa sparked the realization that Inergy Systems could help a broader range of communities by supplying reliable equipment and machinery that support local enterprise, health and economic growth.

To do this we’ve selected key technologies and provisions that enable small to large enterprises start and grow, whilst also benefitting sector related distributors and retailers.  Productivity and successful enterprise brings empowerment and commercial growth.    Inergy Systems offers exclusively competitive prices through ITA retailers and distributors who are members of the ITA.

To support sustainable food production we supply the following:

  • Bakery equipment
  • Micro-manufacturing Units with start-up kits

We believe that unique provision to these sectors at competitively structured prices equally supports health, distributors, retailers and enterprise growth within our trading network.

We’re aiming to establish key distributors, retailers and productive enterprises in each nation in the African continent, linked by trading membership through the ITA by 2021

We support productivity and sustainable development through cost saving supply of essential technologies and services.  We can also design and manufacture products according to clients’ bespoke requirements.
Once a member of the ITA you will be given technical support, uniquely advantageous prices and free attendance at the annual ITA conference and exhibition held in the UK.

We are a bulk supplier, helping to reduce stock costs and increase the growth of local and national enterprise.   Some of our competitively priced products are supplied exclusively by Inergy Systems Ltd through the ITA.

We also supply the public sector, charities and commercial enterprises.

Summary Benefits of ITA membership

  • Unique discount prices
  • Access to range of products only available through the ITA
  • Technical support
  • Free attendance at the annual  ITA conference held in August
  • Free sales leads
  • New commercial relationships to support your commercial growth

At the ITA conference you will see new technologies and be informed about latest Inergy strategies to improve your trade and give you advantage prices within the ITA.  You will also have the opportunity to gain sales leads from partner ITA members.

We have a growing number of ITA distributors who in turn supply retailers in their respective nations.  Once a sector specific ITA distributor is established in a nation this facilitates supply and enhances discount pricing for all ITA trading partners.

Through the ITA network, Inergy Systems is committed to supporting and resourcing the emergence of new and developing productive commercial enterprises by providing affordable machinery, equipment and consumables.

We look forward to working with you

David Edgecumbe, Director

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